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Honors Solo & Ensemble Prep Studio

Introducing the best new platform to help you prepare for your Solo & Ensemble performance! This 10-week virtual course will guide you through the processes of selecting a piece, creating a practice plan, maintaining motivation, and performing the best you can at your Solo & Ensemble performance.

What you can expect:

This program is designed for the inspired high school saxophone, clarinet, or flute performer who wants to feel prepared and perform with confidence at their Solo & Ensemble competition. It offers a community that mimics a college studio with masterclasses and online discussions. The HS&EPStudio is designed to foster new friendships between students who may meet again at All-State band or college auditions or Solo & Ensemble contests. This program will also look good on a resume or college application!!

  • It takes place solely in the virtual environment using both Zoom and a members-only platform on this website.

  • There will be 10 live Zoom courses that will happen on Sundays at 5:00 pm EST. The supporting resource - the members-only forum - will be available to all students and instructors 24/7. This means that the program is open to anyone from any school with a reliable internet connection.

  • This year, we are only open to soloists, but hopefully next year, we'll be able to expand to ensembles.


The 10-week studio program will be divided into two types of classes:


  • The first four weeks will feature 60-minute lecture courses with Cecily Terhune on important topics related to piece preparation and selection.

  • The remaining six weeks will feature instructors Cecily Terhune (saxophone), Andrea Hoyt (clarinet), and John Ross (flute) co-hosting 90-minute masterclasses where three students per class get to perform and receive feedback from the instructors. The students who aren't performing that day will fill out rubrics in the style of the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble competition for the day's soloists. This way everyone is engaged during each class and learning valuable information by getting to observe the instructors work with other students.

Aside from the topics courses and masterclasses, students will form a community of like-minded woodwind players from a variety of schools helping each other become better musicians. To participate in this community, students are encouraged to participate in the online platform by contributing to forum discussions and posting about their progress with videos, questions, etc. Both students and instructors will be available on this platform. (Studio members will be able to create a login username and password for this area upon registering for the Honors S&E Prep Studio.)

What this program does not do:

The HS&EPStudio is not designed to replace private lessons. Private lessons are essential for learning the fundamentals of your instrument. They also allow you much more individualized attention than this program alone. It is strongly recommended, (but not necessary) that you participate in this program in conjunction with private lessons instruction.

Participation in the HS&EPStudio does not guarantee a gold medal. Gold medals are earned through practice and study. The HS&EPStudio is designed to give you the tools and support you need to be able to earn the gold medal at your solo & ensemble competition.

To register:

Please send me an email introducing yourself and let me know you are interested in becoming a member of the HS&EPStudio. Feel free to reach out first with any questions or concerns. From there, I will send you a brief registration questionnaire and direct you to your payment options. You can also contact me and learn more about the payment options by clicking the buttons to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does it start?

Sunday at 5:00pm EST, October 17, 2021

Will it happen during holiday weekends?


Am I required to perform in a masterclass?

Yes, all students will perform in a masterclass. Each student is allotted one 15-minute performance slot and will then immediately receive 15 minutes of individualized feedback from one of the three instructors.

How much does it cost? 

To join the Honors S&E Prep Studio, you can make a one-time payment of $175 or 4 payments of $45. Find more info here.

Which Sundays will we meet on Zoom?

Topics Courses (60 minutes): Oct. 17,  Oct. 24,  Nov. 7,  Nov. 14, 

Masterclass Sessions (60 minutes): Nov. 21,  Dec. 5,  Dec. 12,  Jan. 9,  Jan. 16,  Jan. 23

How do I sign up?

Send me an email introducing yourself and let me know you are interested. I'll see you more info and direct you to select a payment plan.

How will I connect to the class?

You will be given Zoom links for the courses and you'll be able to create a username and password to become part of the online platform.

What do I get out of this course?

You'll gain confidence, new friends, lots of valuable information about preparing music, an impressive activity to put on a college application, and more!

Who are the teachers?

The first four courses will be taught by Cecily Terhune. The final six courses will be taught by Cecily Terhune, Andrea Hoyt, and John Ross.

How will the program be laid out?

The HS&EPStudio will consist of 10 classes happening on Sunday evenings at 5pm EST. It will start on October 17, 2021 and go until January 23, 2022. The first four weeks will be 60-minute topics courses and the final six weeks will be 90-minute masterclasses with three soloists performing each class.

Do I have to compete in group 1 to participate?


Does it matter where I go to school?

No, any high schoolers who are competing in a Solo & Ensemble competition in 2022 are welcome to sign up.

Which instruments are included?

Saxophone, flute, and clarinet

Will I get support between courses?

Yes, you are welcome to post videos of your progress in the forum and request feedback from other students and instructors. 

When will I perform?

We will create a performance schedule and everyone will get to pick when they want to play. We'll start the student performances on November 21st, 2021.

What is a masterclass?

A masterclass is basically a lesson in front of an audience. The student performing gets to learn from the instructors and so does everyone else watching.

How do I get a hold of you?

Please fill out the form on the contact page on this website.

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